Date: 12/22/18 10:08 pm
From: Mike Patterson <celata...>
Subject: [obol] Re: eBird vs. Raptor Routes
I can see several issues that are likely to arise here:

1. The raptor route map probably should not be attached to a species
using a MacCaulay photo library interface. even when specifically
identified as a dummy. The better solution would be to embed a photo in
the comments line using something like photobucket (I usually use my
flickr account).

2. The "owl" should be entered with a zero not a one, though purest
will probably tell you it should not be entered at all at least
using MacCaulay Library (again embedded with flickr or photobucket
would be better). I use zero when I submit dead stuff or want to
comment on missed birds that others might be looking to find.

3. When I am faced with a regular route that is technically too
large, I break it up into manageable pre-defined sub-units and use
area rather than distance. This is problematic with the eBird app
because area entries are not an option (they are, however via browser),
but predefined distances of whatever the eBird mileage maximum is would
work, too. Label them HR_RR01, HR_RR02, etc, or be more creative like
the 2020 folks were.

An example from my regular Brownsmead route:

Mike Patterson
Astoria, OR
That question...
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