Date: 12/22/18 9:52 pm
From: Robert O'Brien <baro...>
Subject: [obol] Re: The next skirmish: eBird vs. Raptor Routes?
From a more remote territory (relative to Hood River) OBOLer
*Bob, what I do on my Raptor Route is break it up into segments. My route
is about 40 miles long so I break it into 8 segments and list the birds
that way and I have no problems with Ebird. No battle at all!*

But Hood River has >50 individual cataloged segments (see previous attached
image). A bit of a battle. 76 miles long. A great(?) traverse, largely
through the fruit orchards and environs with some open country.

Seems like just the total tally, at least for eBird, would be informative
to many. Those who want more could search out the Route Record itself
from another source. And one advantage of eBird is that it is so easy to
attach interesting images.

Bob OBrien

On Sat, Dec 22, 2018 at 7:50 PM Robert O'Brien <baro...> wrote:

> Don't know whether the previous eBird vs. CBCs "battle" was resolved, or a
> truce was declared.
> But, here is another one, as described in the subject line.
> Trying to get my nerdy, grade-school, grand kids interested in birding
> (that's when I started)
> I signed them for their own eBird account. Also along was, my
> (computer-savy) son my wife and myself for the Hood River Raptor Route.
> We did our first Dec 15 and I tried to upload it to eBird. See attached
> image.
> Thanks to Jeff Fleisher who signed us up for this route (perhaps to his
> now regret?)
> But, eBird would not publish it 'publicly' whatever that means because the
> mileage was too long and not specific enough for
> locations. It seems that their setup of eBird did not recognize Raptor
> Routes as an eBird possibility.
> Here it is, but I doubt you will be able to access it.
> I sent eBird the following email and am waiting to see what they suggest:
> In general I have found them to be amazingly congenial
> and cooperative (& sophisticated). Have any other OBOLers tried to enter
> a Raptor Route into eBird?
> *There has been a somewhat heated discussion in Oregon of late about CBCs
> vs. eBird for scientific & other value. It was pointed out that an
> individual could enter their sightings into eBird as well. But, I am now
> experiencing difficulty with entering Raptor Route data into eBird because
> of the distance involved. This data is clearly valuable to science because
> the same exact routes are specified over many years. I tried lying about
> the route length to get this survey made public but with no success. Seems
> like this could initially be solved just by allowing public display of such
> a Raptor Route. Longer term more sophisticated methods could be used. For
> instance, I have included a detailed Google Route map jpg under the dummy
> species 'domestic goose' *
> *This route is also available at **
> <>*
> *What do you say/think?*
> *Bob OBrien Portland OR <baro...> <baro...>*
> *Submission appears to be
> <>*
> *PS I should have mentioned to them that this raptor route at least (my
> first) does retain detailed information for the route segments and species
> therein that I presume is stored somewhere should someone wish to access it
> in future. *
> PPS This year's route was a bummer, tied for lowest ever with 10 raptors
> and I don't mean species. Nevertheless it had have some very nice
> occurrences, which you may eventually be able to see? My grandson scored
> his 'most-wanted' Kestrel as our first raptor which he identified himself
> from previous field guide images. My granddaughter's most wanted Snowy
> Owl, no so much.

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