Date: 12/22/18 7:44 am
From: Phil Pickering <philliplc...>
Subject: [obol] eBird (Boiler Bay)
Question from an ebird novice- since I have beenentering data I have
yet to see anything blocked byfilters/requiring details show up after
the fact, ineither 'last seen' or high counts for the hot spot.
Thisincludes not only rare species which I understand,but also many
counts for loons Murres and other common species, even some of which
that aretrivially low.
Are these counts still being entered into and utilizedby the public
database? If not, is anyone currentlyactively editing the region that
includes BB?
I'm asking now as the intent was to enter not onlycurrent counts but
gradually the last 20 years worth ofdata (Hi Matt). Would not want to
get half way into theprocess and discover a significant percentage of
countsbeyond the filters were not being utilized.
Thanks! Phil

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