Date: 12/21/18 5:28 pm
From: Will Clemons <dmarc-noreply...> (Redacted sender willclemons for DMARC)
Subject: [obol] RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER – Sherwood - Yes

This has been a great Solstice bird day!

Directions at the bottom.

Between 10:15am and 10:30am I watched the Sherwood RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER in foggy light.

I returned around 2:30pm in much better light with lots of sunshine.

I soon bumped into Ken Chamberlain and the two of us watched the male RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER feed at many of the sap-wells it had made. The bird is using a multi-stemmed Red Alder grouping that is adjacent to the paved trail on the side of the trail closest to the houses. Most of the stems have at least some recent sap-wells and several stems have sap-wells at multiple elevations. We had great, well-lit views at all angles! We both left about 3:30pm.

This multi-stemmed Alder grouping also has a lot of old sapsucker holes in several of the stems.

A big thank you to Rick Bennet and all others who posted about the RED-NAPED SAPSUCKER
Additional species seen feeding at more than one set of sap-wells:Anna’s Hummingbird(s)Orange-crowned WarblerRuby-crowned Kinglet
Paved Nature path access point is between 16904 and 16892 SW Stellar Drive, at the intersection of Saltus TerraceBest parking is on Saltus TerraceAt bottom of access hill, turn left (easterly) and walk 8-9 houses until you can see a sewer manhole that sits at least a foot above ground on the trail-side closest to houses.The Red Alder multi-stemmed grouping is about 30 feet before (westerly of) the sewer manhole. Will ClemonsBirding:The best excuse for getting outdoorsAnd avoiding chores
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