Date: 12/21/18 4:29 pm
From: Steve Engel <Steve.Engel...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Jackson Bottom Wetlands Update SAY'S PHOEBE NORTHERN SHRIKE +
Greetings OBOLers, it has been a while since we've sent an update. In case you've been wondering: the Tualatin River has finally risen enough to begin flooding much of the wetlands this week. The north side of the Kingfisher Marsh Loop trail is completely underwater. Where it meets the Jackson Bottom Wetlands Trail (main N-S trail) the intersection is underwater but north and south of that point the trails are open and boots will get you through the flooded junction, at least until the next big rain. The gate at the north end parking lot is currently open and the trail is accessible. A BLACK PHOEBE has been hanging around the north end for most of December, seen as recently as today. Stefan Schlick has noted LINCOLN SPARROW and SWAMP SPARROW in that area as well. Oak Island Marsh is full of water and has recently hosted TUNDRA SWAN, REDHEAD, CANVASBACK, COMMON MERGANSER, SNOW GOOSE as well as the usual web-footed suspects. The raptor poles in Wapato Marsh have had RED-SHOULDERED HAWK
, PEREGRINE FALCON, COOPER'S HAWK, RED-TAILED HAWK and NORTHERN HARRIER lately. The viewing blind on the east side of Kingfisher Marsh was a good spot to view a SAY'S PHOEBE as well as a NORTHERN SHRIKE this morning. Pintail Pond is filling up as planned and the many log-jams put in during the summer are becoming islands. Hopefully they won't float around, some of the logs were used as giant pins to hold the others in place and prevent that from happening. What is that they say about the best laid plans...? We'll see. Same story on the east side of the Preserve where the parallel ditches that once comprised the experimental wetlands are gone. It is a flooded gentle swale now, renamed Salamander Slough, with many log-jam islands. Over 3000 waterfowl were hanging out there this morning, mostly NORTHERN PINTAIL. We have a new map this year, you can view it here: . There are 25 new classes coming up between January and May co
vering everything from weaving your own creel basket out of English Ivy to Storytelling to finally getting those bird songs figured out with a little help from your friends. Check us out and hope to see you soon - BUT WAIT! What about the BALD EAGLES!? Adults, adult pairs, and immature bald eagles have all been observed recently. The local nesting pair used a nest along Dairy Creek the last 2 years and it may be them we see spending a lot of time perched high in a Douglas fir snag a 1/4 mile east of highway 219 on Tongue Lane, a good mile south of, and in direct line of sight with, their nest. Unless that is a different pair...We'll see.

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