Date: 12/21/18 2:03 pm
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Subject: [obol] continuing White-tailed Kite - Polk county
Today I again found the White-tailed Kite off Old Wallace Bridge Rd in Polk County, adjacent to Hwy 18. There are a few tall saplings at the top of a draw in the middle of the field where it likes to perch and hunt.

Location: 45.059779,-123.477147

Paul Sullivan

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Subject: White-tailed Kite

Mid-morning yesterday I passed across Old Wallace Bridge Rd (Polk county), and found one of the White-tailed Kites that Linda Fink reported on Nov 27. It was hunting, kiting over the fallow field near the corner of Old Wallace Bridge Rd and Hwy 18.

I saw it hover in several places and go down a couple times. On the second dive, it stayed down for a while, suggesting that it caught prey. When it came up, it began to fly out of sight, and before it was gone another raptor (Red-tail) was following it. I hope it got to enjoy its meal.


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> We had unexpectedly mostly-good weather for our route today and found ..., 6 White-tailed Kites... . Saw 3 kites from Old Wallace Bridge Rd.
> Linda


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