Date: 12/20/18 9:44 am
From: frank lospalluto <fdlospalluto...>
Subject: [RV Birds] Harris's Sparrow and Loggerhead Shrike
The HARRIS'S SPARROW found on Tresham Lane during the CBC was still in the
same area yesterday afternoon:

And a shrike found by Vince Zauskey and Janet Kelly's group was confirmed
as a LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE yesterday. Janet, Bob Hunter and I all saw it again
yesterday in an attempt to nail down its identification. It is in the
fenced field along Highbanks Rd. just after the turn off of Kirtland Rd.
before the railroad tracks.

Bob and I were able to scope it from a pullout off the road close to the
Kirtland and Highbanks intersection. The bird was spending a lot of time
perched on some buckbrush. We saw it near the spoiled hay piles near some
metal cattle 'doodads'. The last Loggerhead reported in the winter in the
valley was 2013 according to ebird records.
Here is my list from there:

over and out,

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