Date: 12/19/18 6:22 pm
From: Carl Bendorf <carlbendorf...>
Subject: [cobirds] Re: Gyr Tomorrow
Hi John,

I hope others will chime in with better advice but my sense (having been
there a couple of times and watching all the postings) is that the better
bet is to perhaps park on Trilby west of Taft Hill (I don't know, maybe
half a mile in?) and waiting. The falcon seems to really like perching on
the tallest (brown metal) power line poles but also on lower perches either
north or south of Trilby. The sightings at the landfill itself seem to
have been irregular, unpredictable quick fly-bys whereas the Trilby Road
sightings are of the bird perching sometimes for more than an hour. You
probably also have seen the recent postings about the bird also being seen
perched EAST of Taft Hill Rd or even a ways south on Taft Hill (but very
hard to park along Taft Hill itself.) I think being there at first light
would be good as there do seem to be early morning sightings.

The day I was there, we were able to enter the landfill itself by telling
the person at the entry booth that we were "just birders" and she knew all
about the rare bird and waved us on in. Once headed in (follow the big
dump trucks) there should be a person in a reflective vest who you should
check in with and ask where it would be OK to park. But again, at that
point, you are waiting for a quick fly-by it seems.

You CAN see the landfill (with all the loafing/scavenging gulls) from
Trilby but it's a long ways off. I saw the gulls all get up several times
and hoped it meant the falcon was present but those were false alarms so
the gulls do seem to just all get up once in a while and then settle back
down all on their own.

Hope this helps.

Carl Bendorf
Longmont CO

On Wednesday, December 19, 2018 at 6:58:40 PM UTC-7, John Facchini wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am an out of town birder who will have a shot tomorrow to search for the
> Gyrfalcon. This would be a most desired lifer for me. I have been
> reviewing the posts (thanks all!) and am curious what the best strategy
> would be to try and respectfully see this bird tomorrow. Is it just
> driving Taft and Trilby Roads or does the Recycling plant allow birders
> access?
> Thanks in advance
> John Facchini
> San Francisco - formerly of Denver
> Also - any updates tomorrow would be greatly appreciated
> My phone is (201) 805-5151 - I plan on being in the area at first light
> through early afternoon unless it makes an early appearance and let's me go
> on a wild goose chase.

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