Date: 12/19/18 6:09 pm
From: Adrian Hinkle <adrian.hinkle...>
Subject: [obol] Brookings VIRGINIA'S, Nashville & Palm Warblers, Rufous Hummingbird, etc.
Hi all,

I've always thought that the neighborhoods in Brookings warranted a full
day of birding during the winter. I didn't quite accomplish that today, as
I didn't start til noon - in the morning I checked out Lake Tolowa in Del
Norte (saw the continuing Eurasian Skylark) and then the town of Smith
River (found a nice adult Yellow-bellied Sapsucker). I highly recommend
both of those spots if you're ever in Southern Curry and want to check out
some unique habitat just across the border.

Anyhow, I mostly focused on the neighborhood south of Hwy 101 between Fred
Meyer and the bridge. Most excitingly, I found and photographed a male
VIRGINIA'S WARBLER on S. Hazel St. across from the purple house. Originally
it was feeding at ground level in the front yard, but an hour later I swung
back by and it was 10' up in a large douglas fir. Fairly vocal at times. I
also had two Yellow-rumps and one each of Townsend's, Palm, Orange-crowned,
and Nashville in the same yard. Elsewhere in area I had 70+ Anna's
Hummingbird, a male Rufous Hummingbird (coming to a flowering banksia
tree), 5 White-throated Sparrows, some Western Bluebirds, hundreds of
robins and sparrows, and a Swamp Sparrow (mill pond across from Fred

Virginia's Warbler photos:

Tim - I had a single siskin and a Lincoln's Sparrow at the Brookings mill
pond. Yesterday I had a Red Phalarope in Eureka, so definitely a
possibility up in Coos/Curry too.

Interestingly, I had a Virginia's Warbler (also 3 Tennessee Warblers) in
Fort Bragg, CA, two days ago. They're exceedingly rare anywhere in
California during winter.


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