Date: 12/19/18 6:02 pm
From: Alan Contreras <acontrer56...>
Subject: [obol] Freelancing at Waite Ranch
Birding friends: I’m aware of at least two people going into Waite Ranch on their own this week. That’s ok only under certain conditions. These are:

1. You must have a liability waiver on file with McKenzie River Trust. Ask me if you need one. You can mail them in or send me a scan.
2. You must notify someone from MRT that you are going in there, in case they will have workers on site. Contact me and I’ll help with that. Or contact Daniel Farrar if you can’t find me. That’s one reason we have posted only certain dates - we know they are clear.
3. You must not block access to the gate for TRUCKS. That means at most two cars in the entrance area. Park tight along the upriver guardrail if possible. Try to avoid parking on both sides.
4. You are in theory supposed to keep a bird list and post it to eBird using the special Waite hotspots or provide it to me or directly to MRT.

If you enter without attending to 1 and 2 you are trespassing. The area is private and posted. It’s not a park. Let’s play nice with our friends.

If you recall that you sleepwalked into Waite without a waiver, let’s get that cleared up privately. It’s not a felony but we need to know who was in there.

Waite Watchers appreciates your cooperation.

Alan Contreras
Eugene, Oregon

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