Date: 12/19/18 11:55 am
From: Bruce Newhouse <newhouse...>
Subject: [obol] Fern Ridge Reservoir birds from last Saturday

Eric Wold, Neil Bjorklund and I (Bruce Newhouse) birded the Fern Ridge
Reservoir area last Saturday, Dec. 15.  (Apologies for the late
report.)  We saw two birds of special interest.  From the top of the
dam, we viewed a gull flying away from us (westward) that appeared to
have the black primary pattern of a Sabine's Gull, and when it landed
just past several Ring-billed Gulls on a shoreline just east of the dam,
it appeared somewhat smaller, and a ring on it's bill was visible
through a scope -- although it was a long ways away.  It would be great
if gull-watchers could view this bird and offer more assessment, as we
weren't sure what to call it.  See a long-distance shoreline photo here,
not too revealing:

Then at the Perkins Peninsula Park, we noted an almost white (leucistic)
American Robin hanging with several "normal" American Robins on the
grass, near the center of the park.  Photo here:


Bruce Newhouse in Eugene

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