Date: 12/18/18 8:13 pm
From: Roy Lowe <roy.loweiii...>
Subject: [obol] Big Surf
During yesterday’s high wave warning in Lincoln County I stopped at Rocky
Creek Scenic Viewpoint, North Point in Depoe Bay, Pirates Cove, and Boiler
Bay State Wayside. The big surf was awesome to watch. The gulls looked as
if they were having a relatively effortless time riding the updraft on the
wave faces. Ancient murrelets and 2 red-necked grebes were feeding inside
Boiler Bay providing some close-up views. I saw groups of between 4-6
black oystercatchers flying back and forth past Boiler Bay. It got me to
wondering if they were able to forage yesterday. When I left 1 ½ hrs
before low tide the intertidal area was still not available to them due to
the high surf and wave run-up. Perhaps they did some foraging on beaches
yesterday. Some photos and a couple of videos of the surf action can be
seen here.

Note the flying western gull in the first photo for size reference.


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