Date: 12/16/18 10:28 pm
From: David Irons <llsdirons...>
Subject: [obol] More thoughts about the Douglas Co. Yellow-breasted Chat
Greetings All,

I did some further poking about on North American Birds Online (BNA) and photo comparisons with my own photos of chats.

This bird doesn't appear to have jet black lores like an adult male. The lores look gray or slaty-gray in most of the images, which would make this bird either a first-winter bird or an adult female. Looking closely at the bill, it appears to be horn-colored and while fairly dark in some of the images it doesn't appear to be black, which is the typical color on adult chats. It is typical that late lingering birds like this are youngsters, which I woulddefinitely lean toward with this bird given its appearance. Based on what I can glean from BNA, Yellow-breasted Chats only molt once a year prior to leaving their breeding grounds, thus an adult chat at this time of year should be in fairly fresh plumage and look essentially like it looks during the breeding season when we normally see them. The face pattern, eyering thickness, and sparse white supercilium are not suggestive of an adult to my eye.

Dave Irons
Beaverton, OR
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Subject: [obol] Yellow-breasted Chat, Sutherlin, DougCo

Hi Folks,
A YELLOW-BREASTED CHAT has been in a backyard near Ford's Pond, Sutherlin, for almost a week and was photographed for the Roseburg-Sutherlin CBC on Saturday. Photos in this checklist:

*What are winter records since those listed in Herlyn and Contreras (Handbook of Oregon Birds, 2009).

*Anyone want to suggest eastern vs western chat for this or any previous records, as is sometimes done with our out-of-range gnatcatchers?

Matt Hunter
DougCo, OR

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