Date: 12/16/18 8:43 pm
From: Marie Stewart <littlebitrv...>
Subject: [texbirds] Reddish Egret 95
Today I went to again to look for the Black Scoter I had been before and
not found it . My thoughts now are I didn't find it till today because I
saw something I have never seen before at 95 Reddish Egret in one place.

Today I took SR 4 (Boca Chica Blvd) to the beach and at 12:59 I saw at
least 95 Reddish Egret on the North side of the SR 4. From the photos I
took without zooming in to get all of them in one shot I counted the

Reddish Egret 55 for sure maybe up to 68 Dark Morph.  Mixed with them 40
White Morph. It was an unforgettable sight I don't think I will ever
forget. I hope they are around tomorrow if you would like to see them. 
If you are wondering did I get the Black Scoter the great news is the
3rd time is a charm.

Happy birding,

Marie Stewart

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