Date: 12/6/18 7:47 pm
From: Sam Cooper <dmcooper2...>
Subject: Northern Saw-whet Owls
I was sent some photos for ID of a dead owl found on 5 December along US 70 near Oyster Creek, Carteret County; and it turned out to be a N Saw-whet Owl. The specimen was saved and is in-route to the State museum.
Inspired by this report, photos, and no-wind conditions this evening I went down to Ft Fisher, New Hanover County to try for some. Over the course of a mile I had two N Saw-whet Owls respond to a tape (8:55 and 9:25). Both were very close to the road when calling. Both responded with whines or a somewhat rising screech (unlike a Screech Owl). The first one was so close and loud it startled me and sent shivers down my spine. Zero wind and only 4 vehicles over the hour allowed for great conditions. One called from a very wet shrub thicket and the other from the edge of oak/cedar woodland along the edge of wet shrub thickets. They are out there.

Sam Cooper
Wilmington, NC
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