Date: 12/6/18 3:31 pm
From: John Shewey <shewey...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Another White-throated Sparrow
Speaking of WT Sparrow, this is the first winter I've had two of them hanging around at my feeders (Salem area). I've had one white-strip the past few years and it always stays late enough to acquire a nice crisp spring plumage; the newcomer is a tan-strip individual. I just hope my flocks of juncos and G-C Sparrows suffice for the resident male Sharp-shinned Hawk so he doesn't get one of these W-T Sparrows!

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Subject: [obol] Another White-throated Sparrow

In addition to the bird photographed in McMinnville we had one in our yard between Jesuit High School and Portland Golf Club on December 1.


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