Date: 12/6/18 2:54 pm
From: Peter Gent <gent...>
Subject: [cobirds] Cobirds and the RBA

I have been in England for the past week and will be here for the next 10
days. I halted receiving Cobirds messages while I'm away, so I haven't seen
them all, and am speaking without full knowledge of all that has happened
over the past week.

First, let me say that Andy Bankert is a tremendous asset to Colorado
birding, and his documentation of nesting Baird's Sparrow north of Fort
Collins is the most important contribution to our knowledge over the past
few years. He is a regular contributor to Cobirds, the CFO and to leading
trips at the Convention. Therefore, in my opinon, we should all respect
the choices and decisions he made over posting about the Gyrfalcon. He
clearly thought hard about what was the best to do in what was not
straightforward circumstances. Andy, please continue your contributions to
Colorado ornithology in all possible ways.

Second, when I'm in Boulder, I look at Cobirds and the RBA every morning
because I'm interested in what has been seen. I would hate the RBA to go
away, and am relieved to hear from Joe that it will continue in 2019. I
would suggest that it can be relatively short, and the reports I've seen
over the past couple of days look fine: Thanks Cheryl. This would make it
less of an onerous task to compile on a daily basis. Allison,I think there
are many birders out there who really appreciate the RBA; not many alerts
get updated daily !!

Third, I think there are still many birders who do send messages to Cobirds
about the rare birds they find; I can think of many from Fort Collins all
down the Front Range to Pueblo, and the other parts of Colorado. That is
still the way I, and many others, let people know about rare birds I see,
even if not everyone now does it that way. I would encourage all birders
who communicate this way to continue sending messages to Cobirds, even if
they now communicate information through Facebook, ebird or any other
method as well.

Sincerely, Peter Gent.
Nottingham, England.

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