Date: 12/6/18 9:56 am
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Subject: Re: Selection of Locations for Hotspots
Shelley, I use ebird when we are driving to and from locations to find a
good spot to stretch our legs and do a little birding. This one was
frustrating this past fall because the pin was in the water. We eventually
found a boat landing but I wondered if it was really was where local
birders go.:

If anyone is familiar with Buckhorn Reservoir and there is a specific shore
location better than others, I think that update would be helpful for this
Hilda Flamholtz
Columbia, SC

On Thu, Dec 6, 2018 at 10:44 AM Shelley Rutkin <shelleyr...>

> Good morning Jeffrey and All,
> I am the eBird hotspot editor for NC and anyone is welcome to contact me
> any time with questions or problems with hotspots. I have also encountered
> the situation Jeffrey described and I agree that it can be frustrating.
> The problems stem from several issues. First is that we are trying to use
> a pinpoint location to identify an area that is actually a polygon. There
> will probably be a change in eBird allowing definition of the actual
> hotspot boundaries, but don't expect changes any time soon. Another
> problem is that eBird locations have multiple uses - researchers using them
> to understand habitat and where birds actually were observed and birders
> using them to find birds and locations. The instructions from eBird state
> that the pin for trails should be in the middle of the trail. That
> probably helps with analysis, but it's not always most helpful to birders.
> Considering all that, I am leaning more towards putting the pin for new
> hotspots at trailheads and parking areas and I am willing to change any
> older hotspots that are problems. For bodies of water, I am usually trying
> to put the pins at the actual spot birders use (usually at the shoreline).
> Again, I'm always happy to hear from anyone with questions or suggestions
> regarding NC eBird hotspots.
> Shelley Rutkin
> Winston-Salem, NC
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> Subject: Selection of Locations for Hotspots
> Greetings all
> In the past few months I have been Birding a great deal in NC and have
> really enjoyed exploring some of the nearby counties eBird Hotspots.
> However on several occasions I have come across Hotspots that have their
> location selection at a middle of a lake or in the middle of a trail and
> not anywhere near for a Birder not from the area would know where to get to
> the best views of the lake or where to park to get on a trail.
> Please keep this in mind when setting up a new Hotspot and if you come
> across one consider moving its location.
> I did this on a trail that I came across in Mecklenburg Co VA early this
> year. The location was on the middle of the trail named incorrectly and
> wasn’t near either one of the two parking areas to assess the trail.
> Thank you and Good Birding.
> From my iPhone
> May God Bless and Keep You
> Jeff Blalock
> 103 Elizabeth Court
> South Boston VA 24592
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