Date: 12/6/18 9:26 am
From: Larry S. Goodhew <lsg...>
Subject: [obol] Buntings
On Tuesday we decided to do a bit of chasing.   A stop for the Tufted
Duck, but no luck, then on to the Eastern Bluebirds.  Took a bit of time
to decide where to look.  Both birds were hunting around the pond.  only
noon so went to sunset beach for the Buntings. Found a feeding flock
about a half mile north of the road to the beach. They were feeding on
the beach grass just above the sand.  The wind was to strong to
photograph or use the glass out side of the car.  A Raven put the flock
up and the McKay's was seen well in flight.  The flock landed in the
same area and again fed on the grass seed.  this was about 3:20 pm. 
Again the flock was up and went over the dunes to the east and did not
return.   Went for gas and returned about 4:40.  There was a flock
feeding in the same area, this time we did not see any that we thought
might be a McKay's.   Maybe there are two flocks.    Wed. am we tried
for the Magnolia Warbler and found it very soon in the evergreen trees
at the edge of the parking lot. We were on a roll so headed for the Bean
Goose,  Found other birders looking, one said he had seen it a bit
earlier.  After a short time he found it sleeping behind another Goose. 
It did put is head up and then stood up and flapped its wings so all got
good looks, and even a few photos.  Headed up to Hood River to try again
for the Tufted .  The raft of Scaup were at the west end of the Hook and
about 100 ft off shore, The raft had fewer birds then before, and after
40 min. all we could find extra were one Redhead and one Ring-necked
Duck.  So on home but 5 out of 6 birds was a good trip.

Larry and Jacque Goodhew   Walla Walla

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