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Subject: RE: Selection of Locations for Hotspots
Good morning Jeffrey and All,

I am the eBird hotspot editor for NC and anyone is welcome to contact me any time with questions or problems with hotspots. I have also encountered the situation Jeffrey described and I agree that it can be frustrating. The problems stem from several issues. First is that we are trying to use a pinpoint location to identify an area that is actually a polygon. There will probably be a change in eBird allowing definition of the actual hotspot boundaries, but don't expect changes any time soon. Another problem is that eBird locations have multiple uses - researchers using them to understand habitat and where birds actually were observed and birders using them to find birds and locations. The instructions from eBird state that the pin for trails should be in the middle of the trail. That probably helps with analysis, but it's not always most helpful to birders. Considering all that, I am leaning more towards putting the pin for new hotspots at trailheads and parking areas and I am willing to change any older hotspots that are problems. For bodies of water, I am usually trying to put the pins at the actual spot birders use (usually at the shoreline).

Again, I'm always happy to hear from anyone with questions or suggestions regarding NC eBird hotspots.

Shelley Rutkin
Winston-Salem, NC

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Greetings all

In the past few months I have been Birding a great deal in NC and have really enjoyed exploring some of the nearby counties eBird Hotspots.

However on several occasions I have come across Hotspots that have their location selection at a middle of a lake or in the middle of a trail and not anywhere near for a Birder not from the area would know where to get to the best views of the lake or where to park to get on a trail.

Please keep this in mind when setting up a new Hotspot and if you come across one consider moving its location.

I did this on a trail that I came across in Mecklenburg Co VA early this year. The location was on the middle of the trail named incorrectly and wasn’t near either one of the two parking areas to assess the trail.

Thank you and Good Birding.

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May God Bless and Keep You

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