Date: 12/6/18 4:45 am
From: Deborah Grove <dsg4...>
Subject: Re: Downy woodpecker- Summit county
I think this and the other are some sort of fake or phishing account.
I have reported it.

Deb Grove

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As a grammarian and birder, I was amused by your phrase "in my feeder" ... depending on the type of feeder you have ... did it actually get in through the holes in the tube or do you have a table type of feeder!!?? 
Otherwise, I love to catch looks at Downy, Hairy, and Red Belly ... especially when they are near each other so I can compare their looks and sizes... I laughed when I saw a Hairy close up and found how it got its name ... hairy-like feathers between eyes and beak ... also appreciate that they make the house sparrows scatter ... 
And speaking of house sparrows, has anyone tried the "strings hanging around the feeder strategy" to baffle house sparrows? If yes, what happened? Barbara

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Saw a Downy woodpecker in my feeder
Deborah Grove
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