Date: 12/6/18 4:24 am
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Subject: Re: Red-eyed vireo still around and "vireo" song cautionary note
Thanks Kevin, this timely advice prevented a New Hope Audubon group from making a misidentification after we noticed Purple Finches in a tree where we thought we had just heard a Blue-headed Vireo. Also, later Norm Budnitz pointed out that if you have the new Sibley app (v2, not the original version), it has a recording of a longer version of the vireo-like song, which I was not familiar with. Well worth listening to.

Kent Fiala

On 11/18/2018 12:43 PM, Kevin Metcalf (via carolinabirds Mailing List) wrote:
> It is late for Red-eyed Vireo - but stranger things have happened. Of the vireos, Blue-headed is the most likely vireo to be around in late fall/winter, that might cause confusion with Red-eyed (if not seen). However, for heard only "vireos" this time of year and into the winter, birders should be aware of the potential confusion of a vireo song with that one song variation of Purple Finch. Purple finches will do a shortened "song" of just a couple phrases. I have heard this a couple of times this fall, and have witnessed local birders get tripped up by it - thinking it was a Solitary Vireo (probably based on time of year). I've also done a double-take and sought out the singer to be sure of what I am hearing.
> Aside from the simple, wooden "tik" or "tek" call note of Purple Finch which is often heard as they fly over or perch in treetops, they will also give a sort song phrase or two that sounds a bit like a part of a vireo's song. It is like the tempo of a vireo - a slurred, two-parted "cheer-up" or "see-me" or something like it. With the finch, it will usually just give one or two of these phrases. Sometimes they will give one of the slurred phrases, then a pause and then add a little more to it. The quality of this song is a bit more like red-eyed (lower pitched, and more burry) than Blue-headed Vireo.
> Since this is a year with higher than usual numbers of Purple Finches in the south, just something to be aware of. Check that "vireo" to make sure it is actually a vireo.
> Kevin Metcalf
> Huntersville, NC
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> Had one singing yesterday in Southern Pines, NC. Is it late for them to still be around?
> Helen
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