Date: 12/5/18 6:42 pm
From: Marlowe Kissinger <rosebudgurl...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Fernhill Wetlands today and my farewell to Oregon
I ditto everything Dave said. You spent so much time helping me when I lived in Washington County. Thank You for the time you took to help this new birder and you taught me so much. You will miss it as I do. Just nothing like Fernhill.

Enjoy your new Birding territory. I hear Arizona is a great place to Bird.
Enjoy your move and travel safely

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Subject: [obol] Re: Fernhill Wetlands today and my farewell to Oregon


This is bittersweet news. A new home in Tucson is of course a wonderful thing if you are a birder and I can only presume that the move there is by choice, so I am happy for you. On the flip side, you have been without question the most active Washington County birder for at least the past 15 years. I'm sure I am one of many who will miss running into you at Fernhill and elsewhere and having you out there on almost a daily basis keeping tabs on what is about. No one is likely to fill your shoes any time soon.

As an eBird reviewer you have been the sort of contributor that we all wish for. Not only can we depend on the quality of your reporting, but you are often the most well-known and dependable corroborator of reports of unusual birds that come in from observers we have yet to meet. You are the gold standard when it comes to accurate reporting, rarely giving me or Shawneen so much as a moment of wondering if your identification was correct. If you ever made a mistake, I surely don't remember it. That is saying something I can't say about myself. As frustrating as it has sometimes been to not be able to chase all the good birds you've found, it has been a joy to learn of your many discoveries and to successfully chase at least a few them.

Safe travels and good luck with your new home and birding turf. We will surely cross paths again, hopefully in SE Arizona. Until such time, know that you will be missed.

Most sincerely,

Dave Irons
Beaverton, OR

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Sent: Monday, December 3, 2018 2:23 AM
Subject: [obol] Fernhill Wetlands today and my farewell to Oregon


This morning I made a walk around the trails at Fernhill Wetlands, in Forest Grove. Nothing new, but some "nice" birds continue. My ebird checklist is here:

On Fernhill Lake, the CLARK'S GREBE and RED-BREASTED MERGANSER continue. Today there was also a flock of 100+ gulls, that also spent some time in the field on west side of Fernhill Road.

I found 2 SWAMP SPARROWS today, but assume more are out there. I had no responses to pishing at several of the "usual" locations.

The light morph ROUGH-LEGGED HAWK was at the very far western side of the field on the west side of Fernhill Road. A scope is required. It has been hunting on the ground along with some Red-tailed Hawks and Northern Harriers.

On a non-birding related note:

Sadly, after 1070 walks around Fernhill, amounting to almost 1500 miles of birding; today was my last visit to amazing Fernhill Wetlands. In a few days, I will be relocating to a new home, in Tucson AZ. I lived in Tucson once before, when I was a Park Ranger at Saguaro National Park, in 1993, just before I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1994. I will miss being part of the wonderful birding community here in Oregon. Thank you all for allowing me that honor. I hope to bird with some of you again when you get to AZ.

Good Birding
Steve Nord
Beaverton, OR (for a few more days)

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