Date: 12/5/18 4:07 pm
From: Tim Rodenkirk <timrodenkirk...>
Subject: [obol] Coos and Curry 12/5/18
Terry Wahl called and he has a mystery empid at his place. First showed up
a few days ago then again today. He got video today. It sounds like maybe a
Least but he didn’t see the eyering well enough to tell me if it was
complete or not. Looking forward to seeing the video... Also he had a CC
SPARROW show up today at the same location- the family ranch near Cape

In Coos I put more seed out at 2nd kiosk at Millicoma Marsh on east side of
Coos Bay. The sparrow flock was mainly GC, Song and Fox but there was a
single (! only one) WC and two WT. Also a Lincoln’s and a Swamp- the
latter was easy to see out in open along trail. One Steller’s Jay that
would do RS Hawk imitations now and then while feeding- funny! On the side
trail to north between first and second kiosk (the one that swings back to
north side of track) there was a calling C YELLOWTHROAT I was able to see
also. Hope it sticks for the CBC on the 16th. I then went over to one of
the more birdy neighborhoods in Eastside and quickly found an OC Warbler.

I then drove to Bandon Dunes golf course where the Burrowing Owl is still

Back in Coos Bay went out to Catching Slough pastures and found a large
goose flock. Probably 150 Canadas, 50 Cacklers, 3 GWFs, and four SNOWs. No
sign of any vultures which have sporadically wintered there.

No siskins around lately, wonder if we will see any on our CBC??

60s in Coquille Valley today, upper 50s on coast- like summer without the

11 days to the Coos Bay CBC...

Merry holidays,
Tim R
Coos Bay

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