Date: 12/5/18 11:15 am
From: Brandon Wagner <bmwboarder...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Burrowing Owl Baskett Slough NWR Location
For my own sake, and for others I may run into or be able to talk with:
what is an appropriate distance from a burrowing owl alongside a road? I
know that people shouldn't get out and try and walk right up to it, which
should be obvious, but apparently isn't. They don't seem to mind cars, but
how close is too close? What other rules should be talked about with
people interacting with a Burrowing Owl?

I drove thru Baskett Slough this morning, and couldn't find the Burrowing
Owl, despite having a good idea of where it was seen. However, there was a
Red-tailed Hawk nearby. And it sounds like this one has been flushed many
times already. I hope it is able to survive in the area.

Brandon Wagner

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