Date: 12/5/18 7:19 am
From: Peter Trull <petrull...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Bluebird Boxes, Bird Conservation.
Massbirders, for several years in winter I have been making bluebird boxes and sending them out to people free with the cost of UPS mail and any small donation one wishes to give toward, nails, screws, glue etc, I buy some wood but most is at very low cost. These Proctor style boxes DO get birds and are easy to clean and monitor as the front lifts off and drops securely back into place. I hope some of the dozens I have sent out have had good results. I get bluebirds and tree swallows in at least 6 that I monitor each year. I make them in my garage for fun and to promote bluebird and cavity nesting bird conservation. Because I get many requests and some of you may not have heard from me last year. I am streamlining the process. Rather than tell me you’re interested and us going back and forth, just send me shipping (about $13.50) depending on where you live and a small donation, but not necessary, and I will send you a box within a week. I’m not making any money here, this is solely to get boxes out there. It’s fun and creative for me.
With your box I include advice and information for placement.
Peter Trull
18 Elbow Pond Drive
Brewster, MA 02631

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