Date: 12/4/18 8:47 pm
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Subject: [southbaybirds] Oka Ponds in Los Gatos
I looked for ducks this morning (Tuesday 12/4) at Oka Ponds and was not disappointed!  I started from Oka Lane and headed north. At the first large pond with the island, I saw two female HOODED MERGANSERS, 2 male COMMON GOLDENEYES, a pair of LESSER SCAUP (at least that's what I'm calling them - very rounded heads, no sign of flattening or sloping), and a few COMMON MERGANSERS in amongst the Ring-necks, Buffleheads, Mallards, Ruddies, and Gadwalls.  On the island, I spotted two WILSON'S SNIPE, and a GREEN HERON flew to the far edge.  In the smaller ponds to the east, up against Highway 17, I found 5 male and 6 female HOODED MERGANSERS - the most I think I've ever seen before.  After crossing the creek on the footbridge, the next pond had several NORTHERN SHOVELERS and another pair of LESSER SCAUP, and at the farthest pond, just before the parking lot, I found one male REDHEAD.  On the way back, in the small pond with all the Hooded Mergansers, I found one lone AMERICAN WIGEON, so that made it an even dozen duck species!  Where are all the wigeon this year?  In previous years, these ponds have had lots of wigeon - today, I had to work hard to find just one.  Does anyone know?

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