Date: 12/4/18 12:41 pm
From: Adrian Hinkle <adrian.hinkle...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Most unexpected rarity?
Oregon has the only West Coast records of Red-bellied Woodpecker, Eastern
Towhee, and Eastern Bluebird. I expect Carolina Wren to show up at some
point too. These birds must be coming through southern Idaho, and therefore
using the lack of records from California and Washington as the metric of
rareness makes little sense. I considered Eastern Bluebird a good candidate
to occur in Oregon because they're most likely in the east, when Western
Bluebirds withdraw from much of the eastern part of the state. That they
showed up in the western part of the state is truly remarkable.

My #1 vote might have to go to Common Scoter, though.


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