Date: 12/4/18 6:28 am
From: Bob Fowles <rbf...>
Subject: Re: State College Christmas Bird Count for 2018
For the State College Christmas Bird Count on Sunday, Dec 16, we have 3 routes still unassigned. Please let me know if you would like to take one of the routes described below.


Bob Fowles

BRANCH-NIXON-GATESBURG ROADS E. Branch Rd/Pike St from the red light at the intersection with Rt 26 to the end of W. Branch Rd where it intersects Rt 45 (Shingletown Rd), including Woodside Drive. The rectangle defined by: Whitehall Rd from West College to Nixon, South Nixon (from W. Whitehall to end of Nixon including North Nixon and Ernest Ln), Old Gatesburg Rd (from end of S. Nixon to Science Park Rd), Science Park Rd, and W. College Ave. NOTES: (1) E. Branch ends at S. Atherton where you cross 322. Turn right at the Sheetz store, and continue onto W. Branch Rd., (2) None of Rt 45 is included.

BIG HOLLOW The eastern part of Big Hollow Rd north of I-99 (bypass) from Fox Hollow (near deer pens and Army Reserve Center) to Rock Rd, and from the intersection of Rock Rd and Big Hollow to the intersection of Houserville Rd and Trout Rd.

CAMPUS The PSU campus: the entire area that is south of Park Ave, west of University Drive, north of College Ave. and east of N. Atherton.
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