Date: 12/3/18 8:54 pm
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Subject: [obol] Clatsop - the 60 Snow Buntings, 2 Lapland Longspurs and the pale bird - near Sunset beach
Noonish to about 2 pm, the birds were showing in the dune grasses and on
the beach in an area mostly just north of the Sunset access point. They
did get up and fly about, sometimes leaving and flying out of sight but
returning a bit later to the general area. We had some prolonged looks
but none were close. Although photographs were being taken, I do not
know whether anyone got anything better than what has been shared to
date. About 10 of us enjoyed watching them foraging and flocking in the

Rock Sandpiper was with Surfbirds and Black Turnstones at The Cove from
2:30 to 3 pm. Thanks to Steve Warner for pointing to them the other day.

Others may chime in. We were 5 birders from central Oregon, other
Oregonians and one from Idaho. Good birding, Judy Meredith,

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Subject: [obol] Buntings back and forth near Sunset beach
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