Date: 12/3/18 7:04 pm
From: Dominik Mosur <dominikmosur...>
Subject: [SFBirds] Harris's Sparrow location this evening and other sightings
Several birders converged on Candlestick State Recreation Area this afternoon where the Harris's Sparrow reported by Kevin Liberg was seen on the rise in the northeast corner. This spot is next to two tarp and sandbag covered mounds of dirt and a two minute walk from the main parking lot entrance. The flock of (70+ mostly White-crowned) Sparrows moves around and toward sunset a good portion of them were at the edge of the mostly dry pond. However they appear to gather in the tangles of French broom, acacia and coyote brush for their night roost for those who may try for this bird in upcoming mornings. Great find, Kevin and the first since the early 1990s, I think.

For those who were around this is where the Grasshopper Sparrow was in January 2012, for those who came after
GPS waypoint :


Additional sightings --

This morning (12/3) I biked/walked around the periphery of the Zoo, the North Funston Dunes, and the west edge of Lake Merced.

One Palm Warbler continued in the Boathouse parking lot and on the roof (appearing to forage along the rain gutters.) (2) White-throated Swifts were foraging over the lake/Sewage Plant.

A flock of (10+) Townsend's Warblers were approximately half of the morning total in the cypress grove at Lake Merced Blvd and Skyline Drive. Only (2) lutescens Orange-crowned Warblers on the whole loop seemed low compared to some winters. One each were at the Boathouse and Wooden Bridge. A Say's Phoebe and at least (3) Lincoln's Sparrows were in the North Funston Dunes. This area is prime habitat for a pipit, lark or Longspur to touch down for a few moments before being chased off by people/dog activity so get here early if you can. Rainy days seem best.

On Saturday (12/1), there were (2) NASHVILLE Warblers in Laguna Honda Canyon (accessed from a Trailhead at Clarendon.) One was a very bright bird and almost certainly the same individual that was seen here on 11/2. The other bird was more pale/drab yellow below. Both Nashvilles were associating with the bushtit flock along the trail where it takes a 90 degree right turn up hill as you approach the hospital grounds. There blooming yellow Cape Ivy is the attractant here. A "Gambel's"
ssp. White-crowned Sparrow was with the crowned Sparrow flock in the Laguna Honda Hospital garden. This subspecies is very rarely noted in winter away from small flocks on the immediate Bayside (Heron's Head, Candlestick.)

Dominik Mosur
San Francisco
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