Date: 12/2/18 9:39 pm
From: <rakestrawbirder...>
Subject: [obol] Caravan of Migrants Chasers
I appreciate Mike’s recommendation to study the Clatsop Co Snow/McKay’s Buntings on foot. Given the recent kerfuffle over the photographer who flushed the Portland Eastern Bluebirds, I’m a little surprised no one has expressed concern about chasing flocks of birds with cars.
You don’t need to write to me about your recent hip replacement. I realize that some birders are not able to walk long distances. I am also aware of the long history of driving on Oregon beaches.
But if you are able, please consider looking for these birds on foot. You might find that the overall experience is much nicer, and you might be more likely to find some other avian goody in the process.
Thanks for considering.
John Rakestraw

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