Date: 12/2/18 1:56 pm
From: Bob Reiling <rreiling2...>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Barrow's Goldeneye, Hooded Merganser & Snow Goose

This morning (12/2) the continuing BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was in the far Southeastern corner of Shoreline Lake and the HOODED MERGANSER was a bit further West in the Southeast corner of the pond. No sign of the hybrid Goldeneye. Later a juvenile white SNOW GOOSE was near the Southern edge Salt Pond A1. The relatively large flock of REDHEAD (about 200 birds) was more spread out than in the past with some birds closer into the Southwestern edge of Salt Pond A1. No sign of the Eurasian Wigeon seen earlier in the week

Some delayed comments on Friday (11/30), the first good day after the rain, when I first birded Salt Pond A12 I noted there were large numbers of smaller Sandpipers on the various islands, I then went to New Chicago Marsh where I was aware that there were almost no small Sandpipers (it would seem that they had flown to Salt Pond A12 during the previous days rains). I then went to the Sunnyvale Water treatment Facility and walked out to Salt Pond A3W where the most interesting sighting was of 123 BLACK-CROWNED HIGHT-HERONS perched on the sun exposed reeds of the first (small) Lockheed-Martin pond. More usual were two GREEN HERONS in the channel South of the trail.

Take care,

Bob Reiling

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