Date: 12/1/18 10:26 pm
From: Jim Berry <jim.berry3...>
Subject: Re: [MASSBIRD] Evening Grosbeaks, Highway Hawkwatch, and Great Black Hawk
Nick, what if your coin had come up tails? Would you have said "tails -
for - hawk" too??? Jim

On 12/1/2018 11:28 PM, Nick Tepper wrote:
> Hi Massbirders,
> Just before midday today, I photographed and recorded five Evening
> Grosbeaks in Stow, MA. My grandmother said she hadnt seen them in town for
> nearly 20 years!
> Riding my train of luck, I flipped a coin to decide if I should go to work
> or chase the Great Black Hawk. The coin landed on “heads- for- hawk”, and I
> departed for Portland. On my two hour drive up on 495N to 95N to 295N, I
> partook in a Highway Hawkwatch of sorts resulting in:
> Red-tailed 14
> Red-shouldered 1
> Cooper’s 1
> Turkey Vulture 23
> Bald Eagle 3
> Barred Owl 2 (dead)
> Great Horned Owl 1 (dead)
> Common Raven 2
> Finally, I made it to Deering Park, and joined a large group of birders
> respectfully observing the immature Great Black Hawk. The hawk seemed
> unphased by the crowd, and seemed content heating itself in the sun. This
> resulted in some spectacular views. Hopefully it will fly south soon, and
> maybe even stop in MA on the way!
> On my way home, thousands of crows flying to roost in Andover.
> A great day to be a birder,
> Nick Tepper
> Stow, MA

Jim Berry Ipswich, Mass. <jim.berry3...>

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