Date: 12/1/18 8:36 pm
From: Nick Tepper <nicholastepper6739...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Evening Grosbeaks, Highway Hawkwatch, and Great Black Hawk
Hi Massbirders,

Just before midday today, I photographed and recorded five Evening
Grosbeaks in Stow, MA. My grandmother said she hadnt seen them in town for
nearly 20 years!

Riding my train of luck, I flipped a coin to decide if I should go to work
or chase the Great Black Hawk. The coin landed on “heads- for- hawk”, and I
departed for Portland. On my two hour drive up on 495N to 95N to 295N, I
partook in a Highway Hawkwatch of sorts resulting in:

Red-tailed 14
Red-shouldered 1
Cooper’s 1
Turkey Vulture 23
Bald Eagle 3
Barred Owl 2 (dead)
Great Horned Owl 1 (dead)
Common Raven 2

Finally, I made it to Deering Park, and joined a large group of birders
respectfully observing the immature Great Black Hawk. The hawk seemed
unphased by the crowd, and seemed content heating itself in the sun. This
resulted in some spectacular views. Hopefully it will fly south soon, and
maybe even stop in MA on the way!

On my way home, thousands of crows flying to roost in Andover.

A great day to be a birder,

Nick Tepper
Stow, MA

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