Date: 11/30/18 11:07 am
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Subject: Fwd: St. Nick the snowy owl has been released

A happy ending, which doesn't always happen. I had the opportunity to band this owl in March at CWC. It flew into the razor wire fence at Huntingdon Prison on Christmas Day 2017. He is now a second year male. A lucky jailbird indeed.

Wayne Laubscher
Lock Haven
"Owl be back"

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From: Robyn Graboski <centrewildlifecare...>
Date: November 30, 2018 at 12:09 PM
Subject: St. Nick the snowy owl has been released

[Snowy Release by Chet.jpg]
Picture by Chet Gottfrield

St. Nick came in last Christmas with injuries from razer wire. He was a challenging case. We tried to release him in the spring, but he was not ready. Every time we put him in the flight enclosure, he would stop eating. Then we needed to keep him through the summer because he missed migration up to the tundra. We released him on 11-29-18 in a remote location where he will be safe...actually hours from where he was found in Huntingdon and hours from here. More pictures soon.

Robyn Graboski

Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Centre Wildlife Care
PO Box 572, Lemont, PA 16851


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