Date: 11/29/18 10:47 pm
From: Russ Namitz <namitzr...>
Subject: [obol] Re: The bluebirds. the photographer, birders, and OBOL
First, I had never heard of the Dharma Rain Zen Center as a birding location before this month and I would bet money that half of local Portland birders had not either. So the fact that some bird photographer from MA stops by on a whim is wildly coincidental and probably inaccurate.

Pushing birds and flushing birds while trying to get a photo is something that happens, ethically try as we all might; I’ve done it....more than once unfortunately. But you don’t do that shit in front of a crowd of other birders and you sure as hell don’t do it at a state megararity.....a 1st state record. Naivety is inexcusable at this juncture and I am sure Jake is embarrassed, as he should be. Know the rules before you play. I feel this is appropriate to say because whenever I find a rare bird and share it with the masses, I assume that people are going to take the proper ethical precautions to ensure future viewing for those who follow. I would like to think so anyway.

Also, we all deal with conflict in different manners. I personally tend to hold things in and marinate on them before I am able to deal with the confrontation. I might not have been able to communicate in such a manner as Jack calmly did.

Mind you, I don’t think shaming the photographer by posting his photo online is appropriate....the whole situation is just irritating.

Russ Namitz

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