Date: 11/29/18 9:25 pm
From: Paul Sullivan <paultsullivan...>
Subject: [obol] The bluebirds. the photographer, birders, and OBOL
I'm replying to Jim Danzenbaker's earlier post about a photographer who got
overly close to the Eastern Bluebirds.

I'm also responding to Jack Williamson's interaction with the same

I've long held the belief that when I see such behavior in the field I
should speak to the person ON THE SCENE and try to explain proper behavior
in a courteous way. I firmly believe that this is the proper way to handle
such situations.

I don't think it is fruitful to post something to OBOL or other forum, to
haul out the ABA code of ethics, and to give people who weren't there a
forum to be critical, scolding, or sanctimonious. I firmly believe that
accomplishes nothing. Perhaps it lets armchair people who say they care
about birds welfare a chance to feel good about themselves, but that doesn't
educate the person who committed the error.

I commend Jack Williamson for engaging the photographer. Thanks to Jack, we
learned that the photographer was unaware of his error. He was educated on
the spot and can go forward with better understanding. The birds we better

I say this not to scold Jim or any of the others who commented on this
situation. I am simply saying what I believe we should all do, what I
firmly believe works to achieve the end we desire: i.e. appropriate behavior
that protects the birds we enjoy.

Deal with the situation in the field, not on the internet.

With respect for everyone,

Paul Sullivan

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