Date: 11/29/18 8:00 pm
From: Jamie Simmons <sapsuckers...>
Subject: [obol] Eastern Bluebirds--new notes on finding them

After seeing the Eastern Bluebirds this morning (10:25-11:30ish), a couple
of things I haven't seen mentioned that may assist others in finding them:

--When the birds were spooked the first time by the yellow-jacketed
photographer, they flew first to the tall posts that are part of the
driving range structure. They then flew NORTH, across Siskyou. One place
they stopped was a Mountain Ash tree in a backyard ne of the intersection
of Klickitat and 84th. They continued ne of there and we lost them. As we
walked back to the Dharma Rain ZC, they returned to the small yellow tree
and pond--where the photographer spooked them AGAIN and they disappeared,
seemingly to the southwest.

--LISTEN for them. They called a lot and sound similar to WEBL. More than
once I heard them before I saw them and I have had some symptoms of
age-related hearing loss.

Jack, thanks for talking to the photographer. That needed to happen.
Eric Carlson, thanks for the find!

Jamie Simmons

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