Date: 11/29/18 6:46 pm
From: Ken Chamberlain <kjchamberlain...>
Subject: [obol] those Clatsop - BUNTINGS
OBOL folks

I joined a fun group of real “chasers” today. Yes we were chasing a bunting flock up and down the beach multiple times. We got buntings, for sure SNOW BUNTINGS, with multiple exposers to a beautiful (flighty) flock of about 35 or so. Very cool, just that experience. Thanks to Mike Patterson for sharing.

I’m attaching my ebird checklist that includes the light/pale bird that I saw, with my notes and photos. I’m real sure that a small group of us were looking at and “on” the same bird and discussed it’s movements. It was one of those “don’t take your eye off the scope” situations. I believe I picked this same bird out from the flock twice at two locations. Others saw and photographed the birds, we were pretty spread out when the flock landed a stuck for a bit. I have not had a chance to compare notes/photos with others. Coulda been different light/pale birds?

My photos and comments in the eBird checklist can describe my experience and location. <>

Comments welcome!

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