Date: 11/29/18 10:26 am
From: Diana.Byrne <diana.byrne...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Snow Bunting Flock: Yes
Tim Janzen wrote: “I have thus far not been able to find a photograph of a first winter female McKay’s Bunting online. If someone knows of a photo of this age and sex, please post the URL of the photo to OBOL.”

This discussion on BirdFellow from 2011, about a bird that was accepted by ORBC as a 3rd state record for McKay’s Bunting, includes a photo of a female McKay’s Bunting, and notes about the identification:

Mike Patterson posted this link earlier to a photo on the Audubon website that looks like a first winter female McKay’s Bunting (caption says photo is by Paul Bannick, but does not list age and sex of bird):

Diana Byrne

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