Date: 11/29/18 8:43 am
From: Christopher Hill (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Northern Saw-whet Owl record
Thanks - and in my experience, that’s a really common call in response to playback in winter.


On Nov 29, 2018, at 11:29 AM, Brian Bockhahn <carolinabirds...><mailto:<carolinabirds...>> wrote:

Yes I should have clarified alarm call or whine is the type, best match:<>

And written vocalizations are insane, I could have said it was whining for a cheesburger-cheeseburer or pizza.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:21 AM Christopher Hill <Chill...><mailto:<Chill...>> wrote:

Tur-lee call? What is that? It’s so hard talking about vocalizations since different people put sounds into words differently. Do you have access to the Birds of North America Saw-whet account? Can you match your tur-lee up with one of the calls as described there? They use this list: advertising call, rapid call, whine, ksew, tsst, squeaks, twittering, transition call and alternate whine. (I’m excluding a couple calls just given by captured birds or by nestlings and I suspect the ksew and squeak calls are actually the same things described by different observers. But. it’s a reasonably comprehensive and well described list). If you don’t have access to it I might send you the relevant section to see if you can match up what you are describing with their descriptions.

Or I guess we could go to Xeno-canto.. :-)

To the non-Saw-whet obsessed - sorry. I can’t help myself.

Chris Hill
Conway, SC

On Nov 29, 2018, at 11:04 AM, Brian Bockhahn <carolinabirds...><mailto:<carolinabirds...>> wrote:

Will agree with Chris that they are less shy than screech owls. I had singles at Rockingham and Stokes county on CBC's before both giving the tur-lee whistle call in response to played toots, saw glimpses of each silently and eerily moving through the trees in the dark. At bodie island for CBC we once had two saw-whets both start tooting in response to screech owl.

But be warned on four occasions using saw-whet toot series playback I have heard pre or at dawn wild turkeys give a similar whining whistle, but was more distant, more of a singled noted alert, and they moved away from my location instead of investigating closely like the saw whets did.

While you're out listen and try for Long-eareds as well!

Brian Bockhahn

Brian Bockhahn

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