Date: 11/29/18 8:30 am
From: Brian Bockhahn (via carolinabirds Mailing List) <carolinabirds...>
Subject: Re: Northern Saw-whet Owl record
Yes I should have clarified alarm call or whine is the type, best match:

And written vocalizations are insane, I could have said it was whining for
a cheesburger-cheeseburer or pizza.

On Thu, Nov 29, 2018 at 11:21 AM Christopher Hill <Chill...> wrote:

> Brian,
> Tur-lee call? What is that? It’s so hard talking about vocalizations
> since different people put sounds into words differently. Do you have
> access to the Birds of North America Saw-whet account? Can you match your
> tur-lee up with one of the calls as described there? They use this list:
> advertising call, rapid call, whine, ksew, tsst, squeaks, twittering,
> transition call and alternate whine. (I’m excluding a couple calls just
> given by captured birds or by nestlings and I suspect the ksew and squeak
> calls are actually the same things described by different observers. But.
> it’s a reasonably comprehensive and well described list). If you don’t
> have access to it I might send you the relevant section to see if you can
> match up what you are describing with their descriptions.
> Or I guess we could go to Xeno-canto.. :-)
> To the non-Saw-whet obsessed - sorry. I can’t help myself.
> Chris Hill
> Conway, SC
> On Nov 29, 2018, at 11:04 AM, Brian Bockhahn <carolinabirds...>
> wrote:
> Will agree with Chris that they are less shy than screech owls. I had
> singles at Rockingham and Stokes county on CBC's before both giving the
> tur-lee whistle call in response to played toots, saw glimpses of each
> silently and eerily moving through the trees in the dark. At bodie island
> for CBC we once had two saw-whets both start tooting in response to screech
> owl.
> But be warned on four occasions using saw-whet toot series playback I have
> heard pre or at dawn wild turkeys give a similar whining whistle, but was
> more distant, more of a singled noted alert, and they moved away from my
> location instead of investigating closely like the saw whets did.
> While you're out listen and try for Long-eareds as well!
> --
> Brian Bockhahn
> <birdranger248...>

Brian Bockhahn

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