Date: 11/29/18 7:51 am
From: Bob Archer <rabican1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Snow Bunting Flock: Yes
Hope this attachment works, I did it in Paint. The marked feathers on this
bird are the scapulars? Right? Also is an id paper. Trying to figure out
pattern on the scaps. The black looks broad for a female McKays at my first
inspection. But note comments on white in tail. Will need to read paper
some more. If anyone has in focus highly cropped pics of the scapulars,
please post. This is one from Diana's page.

On Wed, Nov 28, 2018 at 9:20 PM Tim Janzen <tjanzen...> wrote:

> I was down there shortly after Michael and Merce left. I observed the
> apparent MCKAY'S BUNTING between about 11:45 am and 12:15 pm with the flock
> of SNOW BUNTINGS. About 12:15 pm a passing car flushed the flock and they
> flew out over the ocean and appeared to be going south. I didn't see them
> again after that. The location where I found the flock was about 200 yards
> north of the Gearhart access road onto Clatsop Beach. I drove the beach
> north to about 2 miles north of the Del Rey access road and wasn't able to
> relocate the flock. However, I did see a distant flock of about 30 birds
> that appeared to buntings that were flying north to south about 200 yards
> east of the foredune about 2 miles north of the Del Rey access road.
> I don't have much to add to the descriptions that Mike Patterson and Diana
> Byrne have posted. The bird was obviously much paler than the nearby SNOW
> BUNTINGS. It had a very pale, off-white rump as can be seen in images #4
> and #5 of Diana's photos at
> I
> tried to look very carefully at the bird's tail through my scope when it
> flushed. I saw the bird flush at least twice. The central 3 or 4 tail
> feathers were black, but the outer tail feathers were all white as best as
> I could tell. It appeared to me that the black central tail feathers
> represented about 20% of the entire tail when the bird spread its tail just
> as it was flushing. The other 80% of the tail appeared to be white. In
> contrast, the tails of the SNOW BUNTINGS appeared to be about 50% to 60%
> black with the rest being white. Diana's photos, particularly images #7
> and #8, reveal that the outer webs of the tail feathers T5 and T6 of the
> apparent MCKAY'S
> BUNTING are black.
> Sincerely,
> Tim Janzen
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> We relocated the Snow Bunting flock this morning about midway between the
> Del Rey & Gearhart access roads. Yes, the 'interestingly pale bunting' was
> in the flock.
> As previously mentioned the birds are tremendously skittish, sometimes
> moving almost out of sight within a minute of landing.
> Michael Tarachow & Merce Dostale,
> Warrenton
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