Date: 11/28/18 9:20 pm
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Subject: [obol] Re: Snow Bunting Flock: Yes
I was down there shortly after Michael and Merce left. I observed the apparent MCKAY'S BUNTING between about 11:45 am and 12:15 pm with the flock of SNOW BUNTINGS. About 12:15 pm a passing car flushed the flock and they flew out over the ocean and appeared to be going south. I didn't see them again after that. The location where I found the flock was about 200 yards north of the Gearhart access road onto Clatsop Beach. I drove the beach north to about 2 miles north of the Del Rey access road and wasn't able to relocate the flock. However, I did see a distant flock of about 30 birds that appeared to buntings that were flying north to south about 200 yards east of the foredune about 2 miles north of the Del Rey access road.

I don't have much to add to the descriptions that Mike Patterson and Diana Byrne have posted. The bird was obviously much paler than the nearby SNOW BUNTINGS. It had a very pale, off-white rump as can be seen in images #4 and #5 of Diana's photos at I tried to look very carefully at the bird's tail through my scope when it flushed. I saw the bird flush at least twice. The central 3 or 4 tail feathers were black, but the outer tail feathers were all white as best as I could tell. It appeared to me that the black central tail feathers represented about 20% of the entire tail when the bird spread its tail just as it was flushing. The other 80% of the tail appeared to be white. In contrast, the tails of the SNOW BUNTINGS appeared to be about 50% to 60% black with the rest being white. Diana's photos, particularly images #7 and #8, reveal that the outer webs of the tail feathers T5 and T6 of the apparent MCKAY'S
BUNTING are black.

Tim Janzen

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We relocated the Snow Bunting flock this morning about midway between the Del Rey & Gearhart access roads. Yes, the 'interestingly pale bunting' was in the flock.

As previously mentioned the birds are tremendously skittish, sometimes moving almost out of sight within a minute of landing.

Michael Tarachow & Merce Dostale,

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