Date: 11/28/18 2:51 pm
From: Mary Garrard <springazure1...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Visiting DRZC(Portland bluebirds)
Thanks Lars for your very informative email. It's actually been a couple of
years since I've been on the DRZC property, so am not up to date with the
changes. I am really happy that the neighbors and public-at-large do use
the land in the way it is intended. And happy that so many birders are able
to appreciate these lovely birds. I will be in Portland myself in a week or
so, and if they stick around I may just go out to see them myself.


On Wed, Nov 28, 2018, 1:01 PM Lars Norgren <larspernorgren...> wrote:

> People should not be shy about entering the property or neighborhood
> either. Interpretive/info boards at all entrance points indicate a
> cooperative relationship with Portland Parks and Recreation, and Metro(an
> entity that manages green space in the Tri-county area, including Killin
> Wetland). The signs specify the public is welcome on all paths and natural
> areas during daylight. There are 9 parking spaces near the driveway
> entrance that are clearly intended for use of the Siskiyou trailhead. They
> are well removed from the DRZC buildings so inadvertent slamming of car
> doors is not likely to disturb anyone's meditation. There is plenty of
> curbside parking off property as well but the nine spaces seem especially
> secure from smash and dash.
> Weather on Tuesday PM was nice and foot traffic heavy. School
> children walking home and dog walkers are crossing the entire landscape
> nonstop, there were lots of folks in the garden. If it weren't for the
> optics the current number of birders would totally blend in. Yes, DRZC is
> private property, but so are shopping malls, and the latter get less
> visitors nowadays. I was struck by the intelligence of the people
> wandering about. Nobody asked if l was looking at eagles, which at one
> point l actually was. There appears to be a daycare in the northern
> building, which occasioned heavy traffic of Mercedes SUVs and the like at
> the predictable hour.
> A French family with child in tow talked with me for a long time,
> the child flipping through images of Sialis sialis on Dave Irons'
> website"Birdfellows". I'm sure they wouldn't identify themselves as
> birders, but their knowledge and interest was substantial. We could have
> talked til late at night.
> The neighborhood has an ill deserved reputation. One twitcher my
> age expressed a desire to leave the area well before dark. There was a time
> when westside residents visited the Eastside mostly for sketchy reasons. I
> was a cab driver on the night shift in 1985 and my practical experiences on
> SE 82nd were, as the professor would say,"not edifying". Forget all this!
> Bring your non-birding partner, children, mother-in-law. The Oregon Plaza
> is home to Lanvin French bakery. I was there 15 years ago to buy my
> daughter a musical jewelry box in the upstairs store . The croissants and
> baguettes were not only authentic, but priced well below the yuppie dives
> one associates them with. It's closed on Tuesdays, so l couldn't verify if
> the owner and quality remained the same. The restaurant next door ,Pho
> Oregon, was packed with pho connoisseurs. This is immediately south of the
> defunct driving range. Fu Bon is a super shopping center a few miles south.
> Even a non-foodie can be entertained wandering around, and the prices are
> so low it's almost unreal. The non-birders can drop you off at DRZC and
> make their own mini-field trip.
> Mt Tabor is prominent on the southern horizon. Though this is far
> from its best season for birding, it might to be fun to see spots you've
> only read about before. Broughton Beach is an equal distance to the north.
> Lars

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