Date: 11/28/18 11:38 am
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Subject: Re: Eastwood Lake, Chapel Hill
Eastwood Lake is private property and some residents will shoo away a stranger (especially one walking around with binoculars around Christmas), so might be worth arranging for your friends to permit whoever covers it to use their yard as one vantage point that day. [...and if others have friends living on the lake willing to assist a birder on count day, might be good to know, since it takes multiple viewing points to fully cover the small lake!]

-- Rob Gluck.... Carrboro, NC......

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Subject: Eastwood Lake, Chapel Hill

I visited friends this morning who have a house on Eastwood Lake in Chapel Hill. It is a relatively small lake in a completely residential area. Something is going on with available food, likely fish, in the lake that is attracting birds. During my short visit there were about 200 Ring-billed Gulls and one Laughing, several cormorants and six Bald Eagles feeding in the middle of the lake and a Great Egret along the shoreline. Also, my friends have a Yellow-throated Warbler coming to their feeder. Donít know how long this will last, but whoever covers this area on the December 23 Chapel Hill Christmas Count should spend some time around the lake.

Derb Carter

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