Date: 11/27/18 6:05 pm
From: Jeff Gilligan <jeffgilligan10...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Eastern Bluebird thoughts

> On Nov 27, 2018, at 5:38 PM, David Irons <llsdirons...> wrote:
> As others have asked, how many of us have ever paid much attention to bluebirds and made sure that every Western Bluebird we assumed were seeing was one? I've never looked twice in an effort to spot an Eastern among the many Westerns I see each year. Frankly, it has not been a potential vagrant that was really on my radar. Shawneen says she has always looked for them, but I think she and Bob Archer are in the minority among the whole of the Oregon birding community. I've never heard anyone speak aloud about looking for Eastern Bluebirds in Oregon or include this species in their predictions of the next 10 new birds that will appear in Oregon. We've surely considered a lot of other possibilities.
> Dave Irons
> Beaverton, OR

Hi Dave

I admit to having looked at pretty much all of the Western Bluebirds that I have seen outside SW Oregon in very slight hope of seeing an Eastern. That written,I didn’t expect to see one in Oregon, let alone NE Portland. Birds such as the Red-belled Woodpecker in NE Oregon gave some slight hope though. I also am of the general persuasion that even an occasional very unlikely vagrant can occur if it of a species that can physically reach a certain location. BTW: I think those five or so Northern Cardinals that occurred in various parts of Oregon during the winter of the pyrrhuloxia <> were vagrants too.

Jeff Gilligan

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