Date: 11/27/18 1:11 pm
From: Wayne Hoffman <whoffman...>
Subject: [obol] Re: Eastern Bluebird thoughts
Here's a thought for everyone: When was the last time (before this week) that you saw bluebirds anywhere in the Northwest, and took time to check and make sure they were not Easterns?  It would not surprise me much to now have a scattering of Easterns found across E. Washington and/or NE Oregon.

On 11/27/2018 11:43:18 AM, Alan Contreras <acontrer56...> wrote:
I suppose that’s the most likely final delivery path.  I suspect that they got into the upper Columbia valley at some point (and it goes a long way up there) and just followed it down, or crossed over in northern Idaho.

Still there 9:15 this morning per Tristen Hynes and Bill Tice.

Alan Contreras
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On Nov 27, 2018, at 9:37 AM, Bob Archer <rabican1...> [mailto:<rabican1...>]> wrote:

I was thinking about how these birds got to a small field in NE Portland.  The TX and AZ birds are resident that do not migrate, I see that CA has no record and one record not accepted, Nevada has no record.  So those birds simply do not move.  Eastern Bluebirds are scattered all over western Montana.  Last week the gorge experienced strong east winds.  Idaho has one record from Cassia County (middle of the southern border).  Utah has a few.  These birds were blown down the gorge and dumped outside the western entrance?

Bob Archer

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