Date: 11/27/18 11:35 am
From: Frank Vanslager via Groups.Io <Vanslagerf=<>
Subject: [southbaybirds] Some Sightings at Cuesta Park on 11/27/18

Today I was just trying to get a little exercise and, after a half-hour of walking I think I'd only seen 2 species (but a lot of dogs) when suddenly a flock of White-crowned Sparrows flew in.  They were close, and I soon spotted a possible White-throated Sparrow with a conspicuous supercilium.  When it turned to face me, showing its white throat, I scrambled to get my camera out since I'd never before spotted a WTSP in Cuesta Park.  But a dog scampered towards the birds, and they all left.

Later, on this relatively bird-less morning, just north across Cuesta Drive I spotted a Merlin perched in a tree, eating something.  Since I'd never seen a Merlin before in Cuesta Park I went out of my way to cross the street and to take a photo (attached).

Frank Vanslager

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